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The Alphabet Meme Chronicles

November 27th, 2008 | Jonathan Gray

(First, note the new design and look. On Thanksgiving, let us all give thanks to the “silent” member of The Extratextuals, Ivan Askwith, who makes the whole thing possible and recently updated our Word Press. Thanks Ivan)

Caught up in a fervor of alphabetical list making, I decided to follow up on the Alphabet Meme with a list of best television shows. There’s a slight bit of cheating involved at S/Z (ooo — very Barthesian, no?), but I couldn’t bring myself either to nominate Zoey 101 as the only Z show I know, or to choose between the two best shows in TV history, both of which inconveniently begin with S. I also went only for series or continuing shows, not one-offs (sorry, 28 Up). Without further ado:

The Amazing Race

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Cosby Show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


Freaks and Geeks

Goodness Gracious Me

Hockey Night in Canada

Iron Chef America

Jack & Bobby (neat idea, not super, but the J’s give little competition)

The Kingdom (the Danish one, not the American atrocity)


The Muppet Show

Northern Exposure

The Office (I’ll go with the American one, though Brit one gets a gold star too)

Pushing Daisies

Quantum Leap


The Simpsons

The Twilight Zone

Ulysses 31 (old school cartoon. Still have the theme song in my head)

V Graham Norton

The Wire (sorry, West Wing. You picked a bad letter to begin with)

The X-Files

Yes, Minister

Zesame Street

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  1. November 29th, 2008 at 14:15 | #1

    Hey Jonathan,

    Again, here are our TV lists. Thanks for making Pennsylvania and New Jersey seem like a breeze.

    Amanda’s List:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Dancing with the Stars
    Friday Night Lights
    Gossip Girl
    House Hunters
    I Love Lucy
    John & Kate + 8
    King of Queens
    La Femme Nikita
    Melrose Place
    One Tree Hill
    Party of Five
    Queer as Folk
    Sex and the City
    Take Home Chef
    Under the Umbrella Tree
    Veronica Mars
    West Wing, The
    Young and the Restless, The
    (No Z)

    Sam’s List:

    As the World Turns
    Beverly Hillbillies, The
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Dick Van Dyke Show, The
    Friday Night Lights
    Green Acres
    House M.D.
    I Love Lucy
    King of Queens
    Late Show with David Letterman, The
    Mama’s Family
    Night Court
    Odd Couple, The
    Pushing Daisies
    Quantum Leap (rarely seen, but only choice)
    Shield, The
    30 Rock
    Unsolved Mysteries
    Veronica Mars
    West Wing, The
    X-Files (rarely seen, but only choice)
    Young and the Restless, The
    Z (Never Seen One)

  2. November 29th, 2008 at 18:28 | #2

    Driving through Pennsylvania west to east is hardly a breeze. I think you’d need more than the alphabet to make that acceptable.

    But again, good lists. Nice to see a fellow Pushing Daisies fan, too

  3. Derek Johnson
    December 1st, 2008 at 10:05 | #3

    A few duplications…but here’s my list in response:

    Battlestar Galactica (2003-)
    Chappelle’s Show
    Da Ali G Show
    GI Joe
    Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
    I Love Lucy
    Jurassic Fight Club
    King of the Hill
    Married…with Children
    Night Court
    The Office
    The Practice
    Quantum Leap
    Reno 911!
    South Park (sorry Soup, Sealab 2021 and Star Trek franchise!)
    Unsolved Mysteries
    Veronica Mars
    The Wire
    The X-Files (though I’m tempted to choose the animated X-Men)
    You Can’t Do That On Television
    Zoobilee Zoo

    And let’s not forget shows that start with #s:

    12oz. Mouse
    30 Rock
    The 4400
    - (5???)
    60 Minutes
    77 Sunset Strip
    - no real pick for the 8s, but I suppose one could go with 8 Simple Rules
    9 to 5

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