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Snippets, 2/18/08

February 18th, 2008 | Jonathan Gray
  1. Ken Levine’s blog tells the very amusing story of numerous prominent writers getting rejection letters from the studios now that everyone’s back in business. So efficient are the studios, though, that their rejections (along with criticisms for, for instance, not being female-friendly enough) are going to writers who didn’t actually submit pitches. David Lavery and Angela Hague have an amusing book called Teleparody with academic reviews of television studies books that were never written, but now the studios seem able to reject pitches that were never even written. Welcome to Hollywood, I guess.
  2. Wanna know when your favorite shows are back on air? A few helpful links here and (for CBS) here. I’m fascinated to see if the hiatus has any effect on quality – did writers have more time to think through plot points? Will Samantha Who actually be funny when it returns? Do Cuse and Lindelof now know what the numbers mean? Stay tuned.
  3. When Jericho was cancelled, fans sent nuts en masse to CBS to demand its reinstatement. Inspired by this, Friday Night Lights fans are sending mini footballs, light bulbs, and/or eye drops to encourage NBC to renew the show, as Sam Ford explains over at the Convergence Culture Consortium blog. All of which makes me wonder what fans of other shows would send should their show face cancellation. Horn-rimmed glasses for Heroes? Old pieces of pie for Pushing Daisies? Thank you letters for Grey’s Anatomy? Dexter fans might worry me the most.
  4. Speaking of Dex, a fun Dexter-related bit of transmedia can be found here: enter your name and details, then watch as a news clip announces you to be the next likely victim of Miami’s Dark Defender.
  5. The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer is now out, with the final line a great one for any adjunct faculty member. Consider me well and truly excited.

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